Know Your Orchard

The Green Atlas Cartographer™ is an innovative combination of hardware and software that allows flower and fruit counts to be quickly and accurately mapped over entire orchards. With high resolution AI assisted mapping, our customers know every block and every tree, to help manage the life cycle from flower to fruit.

High Resolution and Fast!

Green Atlas’ orchard scanning platform Cartographer™ captures extremely high resolution data everywhere, to make every tree, flower and fruit count. And it’s fast! At up to 8 hectares per hour, it’s easy to scan alongside other farm activity.

Orchard View

Know the relative performance of different blocks, comparing overall yield and the evenness of the distribution. Know how well your thinning program worked and adapt for next year.

Block View

Know the variability within each block. Determine management zones to address variability and achieve consistency every year.

Canopy View

Go beyond 2D and know the performance of the lower and upper canopy. The trees on the right are one year older and bear more fruit up top, while the lower canopy has been managed evenly. Predict the increased harvest labour with more fruit in the upper canopy. During flowering, manage the different timing of lower and upper canopy bloom.

Tree View

Zoom in and know exactly what’s going on like Google Street View™ for the orchard. Visually inspect high resolution colour images anywhere.

Not just apples...

Green Atlas has also mapped pears and stone fruit, demonstrating the applicability to numerous crops. Watch this space as Green Atlas expands in 2019!